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zhang123, Hakkında Kişisel Bilgiler
Hakkında : Our custom beautiful pennants are the great way to decorate and commemorate your special occasion. These beautiful pennants are the perfect way to capture those special achievements and people’s eyes.
Our printed pennants make a lasting impression and stand the test of time.
Product custom pennant banners is a product we are very hard to create, in school celebrations, corporate celebrations and other occasions has a wide range of applications, and gradually formed a good reputation.
This flag is mainly printed by digital thermal transfer, the advantages are obvious: the expression than any one of the transfer printing delicate, very intense layering, abnormal full pattern, but also because no printing, completely exclude other printing methods Caused by the color is not allowed or plug version of the ills.
According to the customer's needs, we can also use screen printing sublimation ink, this transfer printing, plate making low cost, sublimation ink is also cheap, printing version is a screen version, suitable for graphics, mechanical elements and other pattern printing.
Shape Triangular,rectangular
Feature Promotional items like sport teams, community clubs, RSL's etc.
Stitching Die cut edges
Structure header for an optional stick/ sewn-on string ties
Printing Skill Dye Sublimation Printing to make the pennants
Size 4"*10", 5"*12", 8"*18", 9"*24", 12"*30"
Been the flags market for several years make us have a lot of experience in cooperating with oversea clients So we know how to satisfy our clients. High-efficiency communication, fast response and selfless service make us different with competitors. We attach importance to personnel training, at the same time, we also regularly optimize the production equipment in the development process, we now have a good design and development and production team, so we have a wealth of design experience, you can provide professional design services to you, Various types of templates are provided for free. Felt Pennants manufacturers
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