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blfn888, Hakkında Kişisel Bilgiler
Hakkında : Our History
Wudi Jingcheng Netting Co., Ltd. has large-scale modern fishing net machine and steam setting machine. The factory introduces advanced weaving net machine and weaving net technology. All the products are strictly in accordance with the international standard quality management system certification requirements. Strict management, advanced equipment, exquisite craftsmanship and excellent service have created the perfect quality of Jingcheng. We sincerely welcome Chinese and foreign friends to come to negotiate business, order products, and cooperate with us. Since its establishment, the company has won the trust and favor of many customers with superior product quality and reasonable price.
Our Product
Fishing net、Fishing net line、Cage, crab cage、Agricultural net、Electronic wire
Production Equipment
Wire drawing machine,、setting machine,、weaving machine
Production Market
The company's products have opened up the Chinese market, South Korea and international markets exported to Southeast Asia, America and Europe.China PE Knotless Fishing Net
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